American Red Cross Donate blood. If you can, you ought. Fewer people die, and the survivors share your blood type, so you will have more people around who are potential donors for you. It’s win-win. You also get a cookie.

As part of their social media, the American Red Cross site has avatars for download. Most of them are variations on “I gave” and “please give,” but note the avatar to the left. I don’t know about your favorite FPS, but in Team Fortress 2, everyone I kill gets an image of the kill along with my name and avatar. Now with every headshot I can show off my civic spirit, encourage others to donate blood, and taunt my enemies. I am also thinking of changing my spray to one of the “give blood” avatars, to decorate the enemy base.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Multi-Purpose”

  1. Hmm. I never thought of avatartising. Or advatars. That’s a great idea (both advatars and giving blood).

    They have better cookies and a larger selection to choose from if you go to a fixed donor centre rather than the mobile one, at least in New Zealand.

  2. One of these days the us will change its outdated blood donation regulations. Until then, all i can do is sat i tried to give someone my type o negative blood.

    Thay said, if you can donate, please do!

    1. I’m fairly sure that everyone that encourages giving blood has no problem with people that are ineligible not giving. I also don’t get annoyed with people that I know IRL that don’t give, unless I feel like I know enough of their medical/sexual/travel history to judge their eligibility (usually only family members and partners).

      My country just recently brought in restrictions on people from “high-risk” countries and their partners donating. So every time my partner and I donate, we need to disclose that he is from South Africa, and then explain that he’s been registered as a blood donor in this country for longer than they’ve had that restriction. So the restrictions are a pain for a lot of people.

      I wish they’d bring in something so that you can have a panel of tests done the first time, and then all these requirements about ancient history (born in South Africa, went to the UK when there was that mad cow thing) can be ignored when you actually come in to give blood. Not sure what they can do about the “oh noes gay men can’t give” requirement, though I think they just loosened up this requirement here slightly.

  3. My blood giving history is so long on Lifesource that they actually had to delete it and reset me. 18 years, at least 2 times a year. Blood and plasma (which is very creepy the first time) – I’m your man. Heck, I’ve even given blood in minimalls, in a hotel I was staying in, and when I walked into a college to check on a class.

    They love me.

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