Guild Wars 2 – Press Rollercoaster

The Guild Wars 2 news is coming in what-seems-to-be cyclical deluges of information on one or two specific subjects with downpours occurring through official ArenaNet channels and big news sites. This week we received a really good overview of the crown jewel of Guild Wars 2 – the event system. Yet, it can take a lot of time and energy, even on the hyperactive forums, to find all the articles and commentary that occurs. The ArenaNet blog has been posting conglomerate articles pointing the way.

There is also another really good way to get information if you are more audiovisually oriented. Sabre Wolf has been releasing Guild Wars 2 Info videos on YouTube compressing the latest news into an easily digested format. He includes released screenshots, quotes, as well as his commentary in to the ten minute episodes. The latest episode details the mass of information the community received in the Guild Wars 2 Guru interview. All links involved are worth a look, but Sabre Wolf’s YouTube channel is here. Enjoy!

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