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none of us is as dumb as all of us Those of you who don’t read the comments miss the really exciting drama. Once a post goes past 50 comments, it is most likely a train wreck, and I’m sure it can see you through a dull Friday moment.

For the win, however, I recommend this Wikipedia discussion page. It relates to a recent xkcd comic about a made-up word and its equally made-up Wikipedia page. Antics ensued. And kept ensuing. And did not cease to ensue.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Comment Threads”

  1. Oh man, so the collective minds of wikipedia can’t decide how to document a joke at it’s own expense.

    What’s ironic though is the longer the discussion goes on and the more attention from bloggers, the more likely it’ll end up with a page describing the kerfuffle in full. :D

  2. Wikipedia discussions are just painful to watch. I have to go in and read a few lines, then do something else for a couple of minutes before I can go back again.

    I persist only because it is shining example of how things are “done by consensus” on Wikipedia. Really, just about all of the key roles in any bad Wiki discussion seem to have surfaced and gotten their opinion into things. All you need is Jimbo Wales coming in, locking the whole thing, and decreeing a result to complete the package.

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