15 thoughts on “Free Portal”

  1. I went ahead and installed it as I have never played portal.

    What I wonder is this: is it only playable until May 24, or do you have until May 24 to download it and then it is yours forever?

  2. Portal without paying any money… but I have to have Steam running on my system, which is a price in and of itself in my opinion. This is one of those “free pork” dilemmas.

    Well, I have until the 24th to decide.

  3. As I already suffer with Steam on a few games, adding one more won’t hurt too much, plus it’s about damn time I finally see what Portal is all about.

  4. Is there some sort of problem with Steam I’m not aware of? I don’t normally have it running, it just launches with the game I want to play and I close it afterwards. I find it a great tool for buying and keeping my games organized from PC to PC. Why do people fear it? Confused.

    1. Many are displeased with the notion of a service that must be running on your system and connected to the internet to use your games. I am just annoyed with having several competing ones at once. But you can see other issues such as “the games go away if Steam ever does.” And if Steam is down, or your internet connection is, so are all your games.

      In this case, free game, no opportunity cost, to my eyes.

      1. OK I can see some of that I guess. Seems like really small stuff to be worried about in the big picture but hey to each their own then.

        1. Dude, you run a blog about a video game niche, and you just had a big, dramatic thread about a press release from one of them. We have no room for “big picture” comments. ;)

          1. No, no. I think *you* run the blog. I’m just here for bringing in the huge traffics. Provoke the Dereks and run, stuff like that. Big picture stuff.

          1. Uh, or you can run the games without being logged into steam (since they’re on your system once you’ve downloaded them) or you can run steam in offline mode…

            I agree with the “but I bought retail! Arrrgh!”, that would really piss me off. But usually the exchange rate is such that it is cheaper for me to buy things online than in stores here.

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