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I am still enjoying Elements.

If you play un-upgraded, you have a good range of deck options even without the trainer. Building a strong un-upgraded deck costs in the 500-1000 electrum range if you start with none of the cards, so it does not take long to bootstrap yourself into having several options for excellent tier 3 decks. You will probably earn back what you spent well before you get bored with your new toy, and you will earn cards for your next toy along the way.

My difficulty remains the cliff of upgraded cards. Tier 3 is trivially easy with a fast deck, but difficulty ramps up quickly from there. Tier 5 brings in half the False God issues, including extra quanta, draws, and health plus scattered upgraded cards. Tier 5 is not terribly difficult once you upgrade a half-dozen key cards in your deck, although it requires a different plan because you cannot rely on blazing speed against a double-health target. The Tier 6 False Gods are that cliff, some of them able to deal 100 damage by turn 4-7. Bootstrapping there is a lengthier process.

Because a fully upgraded deck costs in the 50,000 electrum range, you have far fewer options when trying the upper tiers. Once I have a fully upgraded deck, it will be easier to get to a second one, but that is a lot of games with the one deck. There is the familiar, gratifying feeling of illusory accomplishment as each upgraded card improves that initial deck. But altoholism, as ever, means going back to the newbie areas; I cannot expect much against False Gods when using a deck with only a couple upgraded cards.

Is it a sickness that I am not just using the trainer? If all I care about is the gameplay, I can skip the first C of CCG. I seem stuck on the notion that it is not the “real” game.

: Zubon

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  1. I agree, the upgraded card issue (and especially the lack of ways to get rare cards – how about a rare item shop?) really turned me off to the game after I started to get into it.

    1. Rare cards are easier. You’ll get some through normal play, but just spend a while in T50. Some of those decks are intended to lose and let you win rare cards. Granted, you might pick a day when few if any rare card farms are active, but some people make their electrum farming that instead of False Gods or T3.

  2. I also blame you for my addiction. I’ve heard about this game in the past, but never tried it until you brought it up recently :P

    I went with this deck for taking on the False Gods:


    Even with that deck, I’ve only won against Neptune and Miracle. Seism just makes me want to cry. “Oh, you have pillars now?” *earthquaked*

    But one card won off of a False God is a cool ~1100 electrum, so it’s the only practical way to get enough electrum to upgrade your deck, unless you can find a T50 to farm off of.

    1. My current deck is somewhere between that and this, plus a few edits to my preferences.

      Seism and Dark Matter are nightmares. Hey, let’s have mana-denial decks that get two draws per turn and bonus mana! Against Seism, you play one tower/pillar (per type) per turn until he stops destroying them … and I’ve still had him draw more upgraded Earthquakes than I did towers/pillars. Ditto on Dark Matter for Black Holes versus my towers/pillars.

      1. I realized that you could counter the Earthquakes with an Enchant Artifact (since it affects the entire pillar stack). Of course, that’s assuming you get the card early on AND have enough mana to play it ;)

        1. Yeah, that’s an issue with advice on dealing with False Gods. I have seen advice to get a Quintessenced Otyugh out against Rainbow by turn 2 or 3. Check, I’ll get right on that.

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