11 thoughts on “What SC2 trailer?”

  1. That’s great but…you know the game wont be anything like that. Dont believe the hype but YAY if it turns out to be anything other than a console punch em up.

  2. Oh, I’m not saying it will. I’m just pointing at the trailer, sir.

    I love this trailer in the same way I loved The Old Republic’s; in that it pays a better homage in a much more engaging way, to the source material and its possibilities than much of what the actual creators/owners of that source material seem to have ever done.

    It’s got more DC in it than most of what DC itself has ever put out in years.

  3. Its from SOE. Definitely a wait and see on this one. I will never again be fooled and screwed around by them.

  4. Nice trailer, too bad it’s an SOE game.

    Also too bad it’s a DC game and not Marvel. DC has a decent top 5, but after that it’s a roster full of nobodies and second-rate clones, and the top 5 themselves are horrible when mixed together (Wtf is Batman going to do to help or fight Superman?)

  5. Wonder Woman had super strength? Since when? She never had super strength in the TV show. Just the lariat that made people truthy and the bullet-stopping bracers. And the boobage that distracted males. And an invisible plane. What a weird superhero when you think about it.

    Trailer was awesome, but mostly irrelevant. No matter how cool their story and 3D guys are, the game’s going to be:

    “[Public] Buttman: LOLZ I NINJAD UR HQ CHESTS. L2P”

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