I Am So Happy For You

I am glad that you are still enjoying Wizard101 or Warhammer Online or Fallen Earth or whatnot. I like seeing your enthusiasm for a game that most of us are not playing. Keep blogging about your adventures. One of the reasons we have this huge blogroll is because there are so many people sharing their joy in the games that fit them best.

Take a moment to click on a new name. Read about something you have never played, maybe something you would never like because you are not built that way, and see if you can see what this person sees.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “I Am So Happy For You”

  1. I have to admit, when I saw this title, I was ready for some sarcasm, but I am pleasantly surprised.


    1. Hello there! Might you by chance be interested in reading my darkfall blog? The link is under my name, please take a look at the 50 pound cat’s mmo adventures for some mmo commentary and plenty of darjkfall goodness.

  2. I was expecting sarcasm as well actually, but in the end I actually understand the sentiment. I love reading about lesser-known games, especially ones that I don’t play myself, and I hope that the bloggers who write about them continue to do so even if it seems that they’re drowned out in the sea of WoW blogs.

  3. Wow…just saw my name in there…and I am just a random once in a while WAR blogger.
    But, you are right. There are games no one will play, but if they see what we see…they might change their mind.

    Thanks for keeping such an awesome blogroll!!


  4. I thought it was sarcastic at first also hehe.

    No, you’re blog roll isn’t big enough it’s missing my blog! Joking aside it is missing some of my favorite blogs ;p

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