A Different Near Life Experience

Did you know that resetting your Paypal password isn’t bad these days, if you have a good recovery method set up? I went long periods of time without access before getting mine together. Since my bank information was there, I was very careful about following the ideal password guidelines, not using a shared password, and not writing it down. I would even give it some clever relationship to other passwords I use so that I could keep remember it. Then I forgot it. Every. Time.

The e-mail service I had for my primary address seemed to auto-spam or -delete anything claiming to be from Paypal. Really, what could Paypal send you that you would not think was spoofed? I do not know if they did not have the current recovery system set up or I just was not using it well, but it was too annoying for me to bother for months or years. I apparently did not use it that much.

One day, I sat down to try the password variations I thought I would have used the last time I recovered it. I failed. After getting my account locked, I called and talked to someone there. When she apologized for the inconvenience, I thanked them for locking it down. I mean, I would have wanted them to block it if anyone other than me was trying a series of variations on the actual password. She had never heard that response before.

: Zuon