Played Recently: Bloody Good Time

This First Person Something was released just before Halloween, and I picked it up on the Steam sale. I have played very little, stymied by the question of whether and how you can enjoy it.

A first glance suggested it as a cousin to TF2: cartoony graphics, first person play, over the top violence, kill your friends and laugh. It is cartoony, with a variety of B movie victims and villains. It is not a FPS because it is not really a shooter; there are guns, but you might instead kill people with knives or exploding sheep. It does not appear to be fast-paced action, with people bouncing around and shooting rockets. You move quietly and ambush people, but it is not quite stealth-based. It felt plodding.

It strikes me as unnecessarily complicated. I assume it becomes more intuitive over time. You have a health bar, but most things seem to one- or two-shot you. You also have bars for needing food, sleep, or a toilet, and although refilling one of those bars makes you vulnerable to being one-shot by anything. You start empty-handed and can equip weapons and murder aids, and you have separate buttons for switching items, equipping them, and using them. You may not always want them equipped, you see, because security guards will tase you if they see you armed. And you may want to change weapons frequently because there are periodic announcements about how the value of each weapon has changed.

There are several game modes, and maybe some are better than others. I presume the handling makes more sense with experience, and familiarity with the maps always helps. I have yet to see anyone else playing or talking about the game, and I doubt it will be all that exciting to go about stabbing computer-controlled beach bums and killer clowns. On the plus side, it has a manual.

: Zubon