Our Favorite Bugs: The Wi Flag

I occasionally refer to the Wi Flag, and it strikes me that most MMO players will have no idea what I am talking about since they started after it was fixed and never played Asheron’s Call anyway. So let’s remember 2000-2002.

The Wi Flag is the phenomenon of not just bad luck but actually being cursed by the game. Monsters will run across a dungeon to kill you, ignoring your friends. This is, of course, just odd luck and an observer effect, even though we have all seen it happen. And then someone checked the code in Asheron’s Call and found out it was true due to a bug in assigning aggro.

Enjoy the link and your weekend.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Our Favorite Bugs: The Wi Flag”

  1. Interesting, its nice to see an in depth explanation of a bug. More often than not (I’m talking Guild Wars here) the only information we get is “bug fixed” and then we move on.

    I actually understood the article, as well, which is suprising. The dev who wrote it obviously knew how to convey quite a complex idea in a way that was relatively easy to understand whilst not wholly reducing the idea.

  2. Ha, that’s quite a blast from the past. I remember feeling extremely vindicated when they found it. :p

    I was an a sufferer of the bug myself on one of my early retail characters, I remember hunting ‘dillos up the river from holtburg, but even if I went up the hill to try rest, spawning dillos would ignore whacks from my friends and beeline all the way to me.

    Was an Advocate for turbine as well, but had the issue written off for a while!

  3. Reminds me of EQ’s famous Alchemy bug. Again, something that the devs insisted, despite even rigorous and detailed logs, did not exist.

  4. Champions Online has a hilarious bug in the PvP mode Zombie Apocalypse. There are NPC enemies called Fetterers which use their long tongue to pull you towards them, preventing you from blocking for a short period of time and applying knockback resistance.

    The bug is that if a lot of fetterers pull you at the same time, the knock to them all stacks and ignores the resistance, catapulting you hundreds of feet into the air and delivering murderous falling damage. As ZA goes on, eventually you can get chain pulled despite theoretically supposed to be resisting all knock effects due to 6+ stacks of resistance on you.

    It’s hilarious to see and adds spice to that gameplay mode.

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