Hidden Looting

If you do not play City of Heroes, you may have found Wednesday‘s note odd: “you do not even need to tell your teammates when you [loot] one.” Why would you need to tell them? We are all familiar with loot spam in the chat window: you get a message for every piece of vendor loot and every roll from everyone in the raid on every item. Well, no, City of Heroes does not have that at all. No rolls, and you see only your own loot.

This was a conscious decision, a result of the test server. When meaningful loot was added, so were drop messages for your whole group. This would facilitate trading because you could see what others in your group are getting. This was also, by consensus, really annoying in a game with 8-character teams and enemies falling by the dozen. Other games’ implementations would let you click bodies to have all the loot spam happen at the end of combat, but City of Heroes gives you your drops instantly, no clicking, so everyone becomes that guy who is looting while you do not want pop-ups in your fight. Annoying, nigh-impossible to read/keep up with, and there might have been a faction arguing about social pressure to trade desirable drops.

You must work for drama when the game hides that kind of thing.

Personally, I rarely pay attention to even my own drops. Unless I am almost full, it does not matter until the end of the task force, when I would have time to shop, sell, craft, etc. The only drops you would want to slot immediately come at the end anyway. If I notice a good recipe set as it drops, great, but I forgot most of the names. I cheer at the pop-ups for Vanguard merits and “Incarnate Shard Bonded.” Ignorance makes downtime between events potentially exciting; I logged on for my third day back to find a purple recipe I had not noticed the night before. 60 seconds in, and it is already a great night!

: Zubon

That night went on to feature a frightfully poor PUG task force, so perhaps the purple recipe was cursed.