[GW2] To Err Is…

It’s human week for Guild Wars 2! KillTenRats was able to sneak in this tasty morsel last week, but now it’s officially begun with a week-long menu for the Tyrian race. Humans in the Guild Wars 2 world have an interesting story. They were the strongest race in the world, but their light was quickly fading by the time of Guild Wars. In Guild Wars 2, they have been pushed back to a single nation on the continent of Tyria. As Jeff Grubb often says, “they’ve been knocked back but not knocked out.”

Their history is rich, and unlike the other 4 playable races, humans might be the only race not native to the world. Yet, the gods that may have brought them to Tyria, have taken the training wheels off and simply walked away. Well they aren’t doing that well now that the half-dozen divine training wheels are off. I am looking forward to this kind of treatment for all the races in Guild Wars 2, especially in a week-long blitz!

to arr is pirate

7 thoughts on “[GW2] To Err Is…”

  1. Bring it on!
    Every day is a good ‘un – I foresee much F5ing this week.

    Let’s be honest though; it was more like five training wheels – that sixth was crazy glue’d on awfully late, and I’m not sure it even touched the ground…
    I kid, I kid!
    It’s my secret hope that Kormir has the most mindblowingly spectacular racial elite ever conveyed by the videogame medium. ^_^

    P.S. +1 Genius for the “to arr is pirate” sign-off.

    1. I wouldn’t expect too much from Kormir. I mean, she was awful, getting herself held captive as well as abducted, shouting useless stuff and generally being completely and utterly useless throughout the whole campaign. Even Oink would have been a more useful comrade. She is the one of the six gods that I can’t take seriously, not even a bit. She’s like someone playing Hamstorm and being declared the best player of Guild Wars seconds later.

  2. Looking forward to this week – its going to be interesting to see that “hook” that the humans have (in comparison to the Norn’s transformation etc).

  3. Bring back Abaddon. I’m not sure what comic-con I’m referring to, but several members of the Arenanet team were asked what they wish they could change about the original Guild Wars, and Jeff Grub mentioned he wished they had redeemed Abaddon instead of destroyed him. Maybe we’ll get a little Medivh/Warcraft 3 style action in the game, where a mysterious watery figure occassionally helps out our heroes. Hey, it’s high fantasy, so anything could happen.

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