[GW] A Whirling Change

The Nightfall professions in Guild Wars always felt the most separated from the core professions. There were definitely times were the paragons and dervishes were some of the most powerful entities on the battlefield, but they always felt like some mirror-world offspring of the core warrior profession. Well ArenaNet has been working hard on two huge updates, and last night the valiant leader of the Guild Wars Live Team posted a huge preview for the dervish changes. The goal of the dervish update was to give it’s style of play more meaning and to cultivate the essence of a dervish, rather than having an enchantment heavy warrior.

First off 90% of the skills were altered in some way to redefine the dervish because unlike the previous mesmer change, the dervish was rebuilt and reexamined to the core. The biggest change, in my mind, are the addition of flash enchantments. These are normal enchantments, except that the character can cast them on the fly. In other words, they are enchantments that are used almost like a shout. This will allow the melee-styled dervish to stay in combat range of enemies instead of having to stop and waste a second to build up an enchantment. The one drawback is that using a flash enchantment blacks out the other flash enchantments for a short period of time.

The dervish will still have plenty of normal enchantments, and an update to it’s profession attribute mysticism keeps the dervish positioned as one of the biggest enchantment users. Mysticism will now reduce the cost of dervish enchantments up front. It’s basically the professions own version of the ranger’s expertise. This is important because the focus on building up and tearing down enchantment combos has become more of the focus for the dervish class. Building a dervish is going to be a lot more similar to building an assassin now.

If you have a main dervish character in the stable be sure to check out the preview. It looks like that the dervish update is on it’s way, and it will be followed by the Embark Beach update. Rumor has it that the Embark Beach update is going to be epic, and I have a feeling it might bring as many people back as the Hall of Monuments reward sheet… at least that’s my hope.


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  1. I know a lot of people are very excited about the Dervish update, but I’m practically vibrating in anticipation of the Embark Beach/7 Hero update.

    There are some very clever moves made by the ANet team on this one, you can see why its taken so long. For example, the addition of adrenaline to Dervish attacks, and the inclusion of cracked armour into their arsenal stands them apart from other melee users. Initially I was a bit worried that these changes would mean they would be abused by non-Dervish melee characters, but I see at least Aura Slicer has been linked to Mysticism to prevent this.
    This little preview has enthused me about the upcoming Dervish-shaking and I can’t wait to dust off my hooded lady for a few 7 hero vanquishes.

  2. “Flash” enchantments are probably the best idea. Dervishes always felt cumbersome, some called it “high maintenance” because they had to cast during or before combat, even if it was short casts usually.

    Hope these enchantments can’t be abused too much or used even better by other professions – while still being interesting occasionally. The Mysticism changes should ensure this. We know how good Assassins are with Scythes – wonder if they are still better with them than the Dervishes.

    Still, rather looking forward to “Winds of Change” in Cantha. I wonder how Embarkment Beach turns out. Spamadan 2 would be the worst case.

  3. I have my dervish alt ready & waiting; I never like the profession at all, but when I heard of the overhaul I decided to make a dervish for my last free slot name-reserver.
    Only gone so far as to pick up a big bundle of heroes, and then this morning capped the 5 avatar forms just in case. ^_^

    What I’m most excited for are the unannounced changes/features accompanying Embark Beach & hero parties; hoping soooooo much for a] anything that gives me something to do and b] new, attainable, title tracks to finally pave my way to 30.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how to get -started- in Guild Wars. Only recently picked it back up, and it’s really fun, but I’m on mission 2 of the original campaign and still trying to figure out exactly what I need to know.

    Is there a “I am a total noob” guide out there?

    1. Definitely start with a Nightfall character. It’s so much easier to have Heroes in your party. Prophecies is actually probably the hardest campaign, at least to start with.

      1. I actually think Factions has the hardest learning curve (without using heroes). Fastest to level but the jump from newbie island to KC is pretty harsh for new players.

        But I agree about starting with Nightfall, as long as you don’t care about the lore progression.

      2. I really don’t agree with the common wisdom of “start with Nightfall” for first-time players. Mostly because it involves having to learn to skill up not just your own profession, but also your four heroes. That’s a bit of a front-load.

      1. Thanks for the tips and links. I will probably continue to awkwardly manhandle through the original campaign and -then- jump to Nightfall. Oops.

  5. Myself I thought the Factions and Nightfall campaigns were stellar. EotN was pretty good, but not as good as those.

    Prophecies was a kick in the nuts with a steel tipped boot, though. Unfun and just drags.

  6. OooOOooH!

    While I am excited about possibly playing my dervish more (the poor thing got to level 20 and then I never played her again – she’s barely gotten beyond Istan!) – what I’m really going OoOooh about is…


  7. While I’m excited for the changes to the Dervish class, I’m not excited about having to update the skills database for my Android app. When I read they changed 90% of the Dervish skills I almost had a heart attack.

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