An Open Letter to Our Blogger Compatriots on the Everquest Progression Server

You poor souls. We did not know any better a decade ago.
Best of luck,
: Zubon

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Our Blogger Compatriots on the Everquest Progression Server”

  1. Eh, I’m going to call bullshit. The reality is that people had fun back then. Fashion has changed and it’s not cool to like EQ anymore. But, there are some people nostalgic for the old experience. It’s like whatever fashion disasters you might have pictures of from decades ago. You might have loved to wear those parachute pants back in the day. Maybe you’re embarrassed for people to see that pic, but you still enjoyed them back in the day.

    Okay, I will admit I’m kind of surprised it’s going as well as it is. But, it looks like some people can still have fun with the old girl. Good for them.

  2. That’s because it’s a well made game and a more immersive than the majority of MMORPGs this day? And it has enough gameplay depth to stimulate someone who isn’t amused by running boring fetch quests 24/7? And maybe some people like socializing in an MMO rather than running instances by myself?

  3. What gets me is how everyone is carefully avoiding making any judgements on old EQ game mechanics (such as – yup, that bit was never really a good idea, etc). It’s as if it is somehow beyond criticism for people.

    Tobias, I’m really not sure gameplay depth was the great attractor back then.

    1. I never played classic EQ, but I heard about it from almost everybody. I played DAoC, which was like EQ except its PvE and zones weren’t as in depth or detailed(primary focus on the game was PvP) And I’ll say it right now, EQ had some mistakes in its game design. These mistakes were fixed by later games down the line (like DAoC). Sadly, modern MMOs follow WoW, which copied EQ almost point for point, mistakes and all. Except instead of using good game design to fix these issues like DAoC did, WoW solves ALL its problems by hammering on instance after instance. WoW hardly resembles an MMO anymore, and the same goes for all the MMOs that copy WoW (pretty much every AAA MMO in the last 5 years). So, it’s refreshing play EQ, not having everything handed to me. It’s refreshing actually seeing other plays in the game world. Its refreshing being encouraged to group, and meeting people that enjoy group and chatting! This is everything I missed about MMOs, now back. The only issue is, soon we’re going to run into the EQ flaws (mob camping, and the fact that the game’s single long term goal is to get loot), but for now I’m enjoying a REAL MMO.

  4. Well, I expected to make a character, run around for an hour and enjoy the chaos of the new hordes, then log out and forget about it. That isn’t what happened.

    Instead I found that I was enjoying myself more picking up cloth armor and getting a two-handed scythe for my skeleton pet than I was enjoying leaping off buildings in Metropolis or closing Rifts, so I kept playing.

    I was just chatting (alright, arguing) with Mrs Bhagpuss about this. I’m committed to playing Rift from next week (bought the 6-month sub and all) but if Rift wasn’t around I suspect I’d be back playing EQ on Fippy as my focus MMO. It’s simply more fun than anything else around.

  5. Sorry Zubon, but I think you should save your pity for those who need it. Nobody has a gun to their head forcing them to play EQ. For myself, if it was as bad as Spinks seems to insist, I wouldn’t log back on. Instead I am having a lot of fun playing.

    But people always forget that no matter how bad or painful any mechanism in a game is, somebody out there thinks it is great.

    I personally found The Matirx Online to be an incredibly tedious and awkward game to play, but I didn’t post a “get a clue” message after I was done with it. Some people liked the game a lot and I try to focus on the games I like (which I complain about a lot) and just never mention the games which I do not.

    @Spinks – Yes, you made your views known in your own post. That people are not echoing them loudly in their posts about playing the game doesn’t mean we’re all, as you say, “carefully avoiding” anything. Carry on conspiracy mongering.

    As for depth of game play, of course it was a great attractor back then. But you will probably argue with me on how to define depth of game play.

    And you were responding to Tobias, not to Tobold.

    1. Ah sorry Tobias, my mistake.

      As for depth of gameplay, I guess I’d just wonder how you feel it compares with games like EQ2, LOTRO and EVE. If you think the gameplay is deeper, why?

  6. Fippy Darkpaw players are most likely a self-selecting group with similar interests.

    Owns Everquest, well-connected enough in MMO news to hear about the server opening, liking the strengths of MMOs in the old days enough to put up with the negatives of an old client (including ye olde graphics.)

    I’ll be surprised if they aren’t having fun. Having clambered through hell and high water to get back to the old days, rationalization alone would do it… though it’s more likely they actually enjoy the socialization and grouping aspect of old times.

    By all means, please find your fellows there, have delicious fun with compatriots who feel the same way, and spend less time demanding forced grouping or ‘heavily-encouraged’ grouping in other games not built with that in mind.

  7. If I was not about to embark on a Rift adventure, a classic server might be enough to lure me back to the game I grew up with.

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