Shoot The Messenger

I know who has the toughest job at Trion now. Not the poor sap who has to balance 38 souls so that one doesn’t become so far ahead/behind another that no one rolls it (see recent Rogue rebalancing). No, it’s the server admin who 30 minutes ago had to walk up to Scott Hartsman in the middle of what was a textbook launch (queues are going to happen) and tell them that the servers were having issues and that they had to bring them all down.

Think they drew straws?

Ps – They’re back up, go play!

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3 thoughts on “Shoot The Messenger”

  1. Meanwhile those of us who were sitting in queue before the shutdown then got to sit at tje server list until the game came back up 20min later and get into the game almost immediately. Win!

  2. My guild joined Sunrest, which unfortunately is one of the most crowded servers. After getting kicked out of the queue at position 150 and rejoining at 800, I played somewhere else last night.

    Those who call Rift a WoW-clone had a point last night. It felt like November 2004.

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