In Line At Disney World

As I sit waiting for the server to come back from what seems to be the daily or so Rift downtime, I really hope the latest queue-avoiding trick is being fixed. It’s a rather blatant code error that I’m not going to explain, as each time someone explains it in public chat there are even more people doing it. However, people use it to avoid the queues, going AFK for multiple hours, such as their jobs, and come home and instantly get in. It’s annoying for those of us who have to wait in the queue, although even playing on the much-maligned Faeblight, I don’t find them that bad. Last night I logged in to a proposed 90 minute queue, but I got in in just over 30 minutes. Today I logged in twice, both times with no queue, in the morning and early afternoon. I’ve seen the queues going down every day, and expect as the “Race for 50” pack finishes and logs out in boredom, and the afk exploiters get booted, it will simply be a full server.

To me, the queues are good, in that they throttle the people coming in to a (barely) reasonable level, and except for the second day, I’ve never had to wait for over an hour. I’ve waited that long at Disneyworld to go on a 37 second ride. I just login to the queue and go get other stuff done.

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  1. What happens when you’re off making dinner or something and your number comes up in the queue? Don’t you get booted for lack of activity?

    I never know when I’ll be able to play so haven’t been logging in ahead of time to ride out the queue. In other words, (for example) I get home at 6, log in and see there’s a 2.5 hour queue. Now depending on how work and chores go I might be able to play at 8 and I might be able to play at 10:30, and I really never know until I’m in the middle of work and see how the words are flowing.

    If I start the queue, don’t get done with work until 9:30 and I hit #1 in the queue at 8:30, there’s no way to ‘hold my place’ until I’m ready to play, is there?

    Oh and for the record, I’d never in a million years wait in line for an hour to go on a 37 ride. :) Well, maybe if it was into space.

    1. From experience, if your number comes up, your character screen loads. After 10-15 min, you get kicked out. However, if you come back soon enough after that (guildmates estimate 5 minutes by experience), you get right in, no queue.

      I’ve personally done this once, for pretty much that reason – feeding the kids was the priority, not the game.

      1. Interesting, so you essentially get a 15-20 minute “launch window.” That’s much more feasible than I initially thought (which was basically that you had to be sitting there when your number came up).


  2. Disneyworld…? really? You waited an hour? That is very good considering on a good day a wait can be up to 3 hours. But maybe Disneyland and Disneyworld are different in that aspect. Or maybe I don’t wait 3 hours in a Disneyland queue because I am a passholder and have special privileges. Or maybe I just make the queue more interesting with the help of the fact that most Disneyland ride queues are anything but dull.

    But I digress. This is kinda one of the reasons why i won’t play Rift even though I know you miss my healing :P I don’t feel like queues…if I get up from the computer because of a queue…considering how nonstop my life is..I probably won’t be returning. So give someone else a change to wait.

  3. The only game i have ever played with a Queue would be EVE online…. but only time i saw the Queue was after daily downtime and afterupdates/server drops.

    *hugs GW*

  4. Is this the wrong thread for Disneyworld restaurant suggestions? Can’t hurt to ask.

    Go RIFT

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