Lag and Gambits

As a Hunter, lag is inconvenient. I might need to wait an extra second before an arrow fires, and I will occasionally mess up my rotation because a lag spike lasted longer than an activation/animation time. Meh, I sometimes shoot people in the face a slightly different way than expected.

As a Warden, lag is fairly horrible. Gambits key off combinations of three skills, so you could be in trouble if thrown-off timing leads to your getting the wrong skills, the wrong order, or a gambit firing before it is complete. If I need my area effect morale leech (312-4), I may really need that health, and 31-4, 32-4, 12-4, or 312-“why isn’t this firing” are not going to cut it. Those are all other gambits, one of which has a small HoT, but they are not the one I need.

Server-side lag has been problematic since the last update. Every fight or two, everything freezes for 0.5 to 2 seconds. It feels absurd to whine about 1 second delays, but that is very frequent, relatively large, and annoyance builds up. Gameplay has a rhythm, and you do not want skips several times a song. I find myself paying more attention to the UI so that lag befouls fewer gambits.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Lag and Gambits”

  1. I’ve “heard” (whatever that’s worth) that they’re working on hardware updates to the live servers while keeping them online but it’s causing the server lag we’re seeing. I thought it was bad last week but this week was even worse.

    I don’t have a problem with gambit builders I’m doing manually as I can see when the lag hits and nothing is happening so I can just back off and re-press the next builder key so it’s queued rather than whatever I quickly spammed. It’s the gambit masteries that get completely destroyed by the lag — there’s no way to go back and re-key one so the server automatically fires off the *last* mastery you hit not the first one, which ruins the entire gambit.

    It’s already frustrating grouping with people who have no clue how to play with a warden in the group (hell, most people don’t know how to play in a group at all) but throw the lag on top of things ruining most of your gambits and it’s not pretty.

  2. I have noticed more lag in recent months, not sure if it has anything to do with more people playing since F2P came out. I have seen lag in remote parts of the shire & also in solo skirmishes.

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