Pet Upgrade

“Swedish flamingoes massacred in frenzied anteater attack”. Beyond your inability to top that headline, it makes me wonder when I will get an anteater pet. A combat pet.

Relatedly, LotRO loves its giant turtles of doom, but badgers and wolverines are almost always swarm-class (trash) enemies rather than serious threats (Cracked link, not necessarily fully work-safe but very good). We have a turtle as a raid boss, a turtle as the end boss for one of the more difficult mid-level instances, and where are my badgers of doom?

: Zubon

On Wisconsin.
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5 thoughts on “Pet Upgrade”

  1. There are some other gems on that news site – “Swedish infant scarred in violent ferret attack” .. “Swede’s unicorn email prompts gay porn piracy probe” .. “Murder attempt grounds for dismissal: court”

    Obviously a lot of interesting things happen in Sweden!

  2. I particularly like the first line of the interview with a zoo official that follows the headlne:

    “It is not as dramatic as it sounds”

  3. Thanx for also including the “serious threats” link as well… just chok full of awesome.

    (Formula: expose a population to far too much caffine AND alcohol AT THE SAME TIME, and then deprive them of sunlight for a completely unreasonable portion of the year
    = some crazy shit is gonna go down!)

    One of my best friends is from Sweden… God love him, he’s completely batshit nuts… perfect buddy for a large, unreasonable Irishman during a bar run.

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