A good Glitch

A few days ago, a fairly entertaining little F2P game launched, Glitch. This game has a dev team like one of those interesting dev teams that made me take a deeper look at Rift, so I of course had to check the game out. With a Flikr co-founder and the creator of the wildly fun Katamari on board, it was bound to be fun to look at, if nothing else, I thought.

In Glitch you are a little person, who happens to be the idea of a Giant. Your goal is to go out into the world and do stuff. I haven’t quite figured out how said stuff helps your Giant benefactor, but apparently it does. Also, you have a fairly extensive skill list to fill, and while they are no cost, they take increasingly longer amounts of time to learn. Luckily, I found there’s a low-graphic page I could navigate to on my smartphone and skill up (click and forget) while out and about so I’d have more to do when I actually got home and logged in. The skills range from crafting types, which are simple gather and click style crafts, to speeding learning and recovery. A decent variety for a casual game.

Visually, it’s fun to see. Your avatar starts off boring (think LittleBigPlanet) but there are tons of things to upgrade to. Most of them cost some coins, but there are many free options available. You get a tiny stipend to start with, but I’m guessing this is where many will end up sinking cash in, which is typical for a F2P. The “game day” lasts 4 hours, so it’s almost better to play a little then log off, especially to start. Running out of energy seems to kill you, but I honestly haven’t had that happen. I see gravestones all over though…not sure why. The only annoyance is initial inventory is tight, but again it’s by design and you can buy bags for small amounts of (fairly plentiful) in game currency you get from quests and such.

All in all a fun little casual free game. I’m a big fan of visually exciting games, and this one also has the element of simplicity covered. Currently it’s a waiting time of over a day to get in, so understand you cannot get right in. Also, as a plus for folks like me, it does not require Facebook but you can link to it if you like. I tire of every app and game requiring a Facebook account lately.

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11 thoughts on “A good Glitch”

  1. When I first saw the game trailer I dismissed it as too cute and childish. So glad I gave it a second chance. It’s nice to play a game that doesn’t hold my hand and point me at the shinies for a change. I’m still kind of lost but having a blast.

    … gotta go and milk some butterflies now.

    1. Yes, definately multiplayer. The good part is most resources are static, so you aren’t competing with others for them. In fact on some of them, like mining, working on a resource with someone gets you more.

  2. Finally got my invite last night :D

    Could this game GET any cuter?! On the one hand its a nice introduction to MMO-style gaming for those who aren’t necessarily gamers, on the other delightfully quaint and intriguing for those who are.

    If you’re an explorer, give this game a go. You’ll be hooked. Until you start wondering why you’re doing all of this.

    1. One caveat on the “intro” part – this is not a little kids game. I’ve seen some decidedly adult style jokes, and had at least one quest where the object was to get drunk, although there was zero impact other than I had a “buzzed” buff.

      So yes it is very cute, as a parent but use caution before allowing the littler ones on, just in case.

      1. You’re right, it is definitely NOT a child’s game and there is a danger that parents will think it’s for their children. That said, I do think its a nice introduction to MMOs for the non-gamer. That being anyone of any age who doesn’t play rpg games regularly.

        I’m thinking more of the parents of young teens trying to become more aware of the kind of games their children are playing, than the children themselves.

      2. The “adult” humor, which I ran into in the first few minutes of my time in beta, was instrumental in my loss of interest in Glitch.

        I really wanted to like it. I thought I would like it. I didn’t like it. I found the mismatch between the look of the game and the content too abrasive.

        I also have to say that it’s the only MMO I have ever played that made me feel my age. I felt quite weird playing it at all.

  3. I also got in yesterday. Just wandering around atm, and not sure what anything does, but it seems like it could get interesting once I figure it out. I really like the music and the game’s sense of humor.

  4. And this morning I found out about the gravestones.

    If you run out of energy, you die. You go to a place called “Hell One” where you have to crush 11 grapes to get back to where you were. There appear to be quests and achievements here as well, so it’s essentially just another zone.

    So, good news: no death penalty =)

    1. Yesterday I got in on a street building project. Apparently we are expanding the map as we go. And I got mugged by something called a juju …

  5. Oh yes this is awfully cute. I’ve been playing it for about a month nao. While I do miss KEELING THINGZ… it’s really very charming.

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