The latest Kongregate giveaway may interest you, because it is for $10,000 of gift certificates (over 10 years), although the gameplay involved is not interesting. No, what interests me is this: what work is “unique” doing in the game’s description, “Choose from one of six unique races”? In what sense are dwarves, elves, and humans unique? Are they saying that they are not identical with other and trying to use “unique” as some kind of superlative for “different”? Is it a translation error?

At least they did not go on to claim that their races were the most unique.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Uniqueness”

  1. “Unique” is, I believe, short-hand for “exclusively, mechanically different.” StarCraft offers 3 “unique” races, League of Legends offers over 80 “unique” champions.

    Compare to the first Guild Wars, or to the original Street Fighter II. Guild Wars: Prophecies offered 30 profession combinations, but they were not “unique”, because a Monk/Ranger had the same Monk skills and Ranger skills as other Monk/Xs and X/Rangers. And Street Fighter II had seven unique characters when it first came out, not eight: Ken and Ryu played exactly the same.

    “Choose from one of six unique races” is a tacit promise that you have a choice with six meaningful options before you even start playing.

    1. I’ll take that one, although the game doesn’t meet that either unless a couple of small bonuses and re-named units minimally reach “meaningful.”

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