Witness the evolution of AFK power-leveling, even in the face of nerfed towers! I was amused to get level 20 in three Deeper Well Insane runs, which is trivially easy (Squire: harpoon and bowling ball at the top of each stair, slice & dice and harpoon at the upper doors, harpoon somewhere else for the “used all DU” bonus). I was messing around with the bonus level on Hard, but that has become inconvenient with recent updates. The Ramparts Hard is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million xp and 2 million mana (currency) per hour, which means taking a character from 0 to the level cap in about 3.5 hours while reading A Feast for Crows. I didn’t really grind that out, but fiddling and testing got me a respectable Apprentice and Monk, so I have some toys to try creating the perfect builds for Insane difficulty. It seems entirely feasible to take a character from 0 to 70 in an hour or two of play, although by the time you can do that, you will have pretty much everything at level 70 already.

When they introduce new classes, there will be legitimate characters at the level cap within an hour of the update. If I can actually get the “time to cap” down to an hour, it might be worth proliferating characters while farming a bit of mana. I imagine some people already have three level-capped characters of each class (pure towers, pure hero, hybrid). It’s silly, but it seems practically free if you are going to be farming mana for upgrading items. Of course, then you should farm more mana to equip those characters, and farming that mana can get you even more characters…

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Stable-Filling”

  1. And this is why I’m not playing Dungeon Defenders. Nothing in this post makes it sound like you’re playing a game, it sounds like a job in finance.

    1. So EVE is out, I take it?

      I am the sort to write posts on the math of things, so my comments are not entirely indicative of gameplay.

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