[GW] Approaching Endgame

I’m not there yet, not having even completed a full campaign yet, but I can sort of poke at it. I am getting how it works in terms of hard modes and team builds and such, although in mostly abstract terms. It is interesting being able to watch it coalesce.

Items I keep reading about are becoming relevant. I acquired a couple of elite skills, my first Zaishen coins, and a couple of Gifts of the Traveler. I farmed something, which I have not done in an MMO in a long while. I met Professor Yakkington, although it turns out his degree is honorary.

I suppose the next step is finding a guild, now that I might be capable of understanding what they’re saying. [Update: tried the Heart of the Shiverpeaks mission. Yes, I either need humans or to advance quite a few things across the campaigns.]

: Zubon

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  1. HotS is a tough one even with a party, but guild groups (and the occasional Zaishen Quest group) will get it done.

  2. I’ve just recently picked up guild wars myself (rolled a ranger) and my god its a confusing game reading all the sites. I’ve started on the nightfall campaign so I’ll see how it goes, my only real goal is to pick up around 10 hom points so no idea how long that will take for a newb.

    1. I wouldn’t get too bogged down in reading wikis and such. If you’re aiming for just 10 pts it shouldn’t be too hard. You get 3 pts for free. If you have all three campaigns you can grab M.O.X. and your lvl 20 ranger pet for 2 more points. If you can find someone that has done the quest ‘The Beak of Darkness’ from factions you can get the Black Moa Bird for another easy point. You can probably also get a cheap common minipet and possibly a rare minipet from the upcoming Canthan New Year event for 2 more points. All that leaves is to beat any of the campaigns for the last 2 points.

    2. That’s how I got my 5 extremely quickly. Picking up another couple shouldn’t be absurd. If you’re into PvP, one PvP title statue will do it. One on a couple monuments or filling any one will also get you there.

      I’m mostly tempted by pets for monument points.

  3. If you’re having problems at the end boss you might want to flag your heros/henchmen apart so your group doesn’t all get blasted at one time as that can be quite dangerous.

  4. I pretty much exclusively play GW on my own the last few years. Yes, yes, I know it defeats the purpose of playing an MMO, and if I want a single-player game I should just go out and buy one, but I have my reasons. Anyway, I had a terrible time trying to get past the Heart of the Shiverpeaks quest, until I found a post on Guild Wars Guru, that I’ve long since lost the link to, that said to use three Touch Ranger heroes.


    I use that template, load each of the three up with Blood Magic staves, and it makes the end boss rather manageable.

    Of course not the only way of doing things, and it’ll probably be a lot more fun to play with other people, but hey, whatever works, right?

  5. Yes, that darned worm is a pain. I finally took a restoration rit, protective spirit monk and healer monk to keep people alive, then 3 life drain (blood magic) necros. He went down pretty fast since the life drains work even when he is armored and heals the necros at the same time.

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