SOPA Kills Ten Rats

This post is going up as huge sites are blacking out in protest against the horribly-created legislation in the U.S. Congress. This post is more than an assent; it is a warning.

As written SOPA (PIPA) could end Kill Ten Rats, and the countless other MMO blogs you enjoy. We create our posts based on copyrighted and trademarked materials. Screenshots, fantasy race names, locations, characters, etc. are all property of someone else. Sure, even with some criticisms most companies are pretty cool with our [fair] use because talking about their games is usually a good thing. Yet given the huge archive we are sporting, all it takes is one corporate suit angered at one post written three years ago to possibly shut Kill Ten Rats down if SOPA would be enacted.

We are firmly against piracy, as evidenced big time by our ridiculous Steam libraries. Yet, such strong legislation must also be made to strongly protect our free speech.  A “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (SLAPP) is already a thing this century, and SOPA would just make it worse.

Please consider writing a respectful, constructive note to your Congressperson or Senator on SOPA (PIPA) or head to the EFF to learn more. Many have feedback forms on their .gov websites making it fairly easy to have your voice heard.


The Kill Ten Rats crew

2 thoughts on “SOPA Kills Ten Rats”

  1. The DMCA is terrifying enough already and we haven’t even collectively wrapped our minds around that.

    SOPA/PIPA would be positively cthuloid in relative horror magnitude. :O

  2. Thank you KTR crew. More publicity is good :)

    I do honestly believe that they are taking things way to far. If they wanted to stop piracy they could do that and that only. The rest is unnecessary.

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