[GW] Features That Probably Do Not Exist

I have figured out using and loading templates on heroes/myself. Handy, that. There is not a way to combine that with choosing heroes, I presume? I frequently pass through solo missions or four-hero zones, to say nothing of changes for missions, and it can be tedious to re-select my heroes from what is now a long list. I would love to be able to click a few times and reload my default hero/build setup.

If that is not available, I hereby nominate it for a future update. Also, other games? If you give the player the option of choosing seven heroes from a list of twenty-seven, then giving each of them eight skills from a list of 1,235, that would be a good feature for you to have, too.

: Zubon

One thought on “[GW] Features That Probably Do Not Exist”

  1. It’s not in the game, but you can make the choosing slightly easier by using the Hero tab on the Party Search window (P).

    Does seem like a glaring oversight.

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