[GW] From a Different Vantage Point

A month and a half ago, Heart of the Shiverpeaks was a wall for me. I had jumped to Eye of the North on a bonus reputation weekend, and Eye of the North makes some assumptions about the resources you have available to you as a player. I did not meet that expectation.

Today, I went back to the Heart of the Shiverpeaks with some touch rangers. We rolled through the place and over the boss. We continued through the rest of the campaign and crushed the Big Bad. I turned on hard mode, and the Great Destroyer still fell in less time and it took to run to him.

Nothing changed, but everything’s different now.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “[GW] From a Different Vantage Point”

  1. Yeah, that’s what you get for using freak builds. :) Hmm. Really going to have to try my own touchy-feely Ranger again one of these days….

  2. Thats what happens when skills break rules and why GW2 is sticking with a much simpler rule set.

    Having a boss whose main mechanic is having invulnerable armor until you strip it off of him doesnt work well against attacks that ignore armor. I took in 3 blood necros with the same effect. Boss becomes trivial.

    1. Although that invulnerable armor mechanic does not age well, in that it goes smoothly with humans and not at all with heroes and henchmen. Your NPC support has no idea how to deal with the armor and reacts increasingly worse to massive AE damage, so they just huddle together and die while you are trying to shepherd them. This is a smaller manifestation of the problem of having the population base move on past some content, like when in LotRO people would have trouble finding groups for mid-level content that required full groups (before the epic chain became soloable).

      1. sounds like you finished the guild wars coming of age ritual. welcome to “endgame” ;D

        btw, you even learned to abuse your professions mechanics like a real pro! that is actually what guild wars is all about, otherwise some things would become just laughably hard.

  3. I just roll through there with the guild. If you’ve got 4 players or more you can smash him in about ~20 seconds without any gimmicky builds. I don’t like gimmick builds not because they’re game breaking, but because groups expect you to run them instead of a balanced party; which is more fun because you can play what you want.

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