[GW] Balancing Exploration, Achievement, and Grind

Rewards for the “Wanted by the Shining Blade” daily quests are a model of elegant design. If you complete the full cycle of quests in hard mode, you receive 255 war supplies. You need 250 for an oppressor weapon, which leaves you room to skip a day, not run them all in hard mode, save/sell them, or add them to the confessor’s orders you collect to get a royal gift.

The simple excellence of this design leaves little except to point at it and say, “do this.” On the Explorer side, we have a daily activity on a three-week cycle, taking you into eleven zones and revamping old content. There is a lot to see there, and this creates an Explorer bread crumb trail through the War in Kryta content. An the Achiever side, this is exactly one unit of Hall of Monuments progress. You want at least one oppressor weapon, and you can earn that through the Wanted cycle or even from repeating partial completions. I expect that someone has worked out the optimal war supplies/minute quest selection. In terms of grind, this is the level I want to see: try everything once, and you get the reward; if you like it, you can repeat it for more rewards; if not, you have other options for both this check-box and the rest of the category. This one is entirely optional anyway, because you can get an oppressor weapon or two from the story arc (or buy from other players).

Potential improvements: don’t make the number of cycling quests a multiple of 7, because each quest will always be on the same day of the week, which is a problem for some players; I have no idea if the rewards are balanced between quests, as they range from 4 to 22 war supplies.

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  1. Yeah you get enough medals for 1.5 oppressor weapons from the War in Kryta/Hearts of the North main story, plus some of the main quests (Inquisitor bounties) reward heaps of war supplies, so it nearer to 1.8 oppressor weapons from the main questline. I treated the bounties as optional, and if I wanted a third weapon I’d pick the low hanging fruit like Greves, Zain and Calamitous. One nice aspect was that I picked up the three bounties that take place in Kessex Peak, it was a good excuse to explore that area for the first time and vanquish it all in one go.

    1. Hope you remembered to grab ”The Villainy of Galrath” in Lion’s Arch before making the trip. (sadly, you wouldn’t’ve had access to the Hard Mode version to go along with your vanquishing)

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