Having played GW1 pretty hardcore for the start of the year, burnout was approaching along with the GW2 BWE. Post-BWE I have basically run out of urge to log in. I’ve seen where we’re heading. It’s right over there. It feels pointless to mill about over here. It’s like cleaning something before you set fire to it. GW1 will still be there, but I have my 30+/50, so the value of Achieving has fallen, and I have Explored almost everything. It’s hard to Socialize when most others seem to be in the same state (or furiously completing their 30 or 50), and who wants to Kill against people with 7 more years of experience? I like the Jade Quarry, but my most effective strategy has become dull.

Cleaning the garage is feeling strongly competitive with MMOs right now.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “Sapped”

  1. Playing GW2 actually made me go back and play GW more, because I know it’s the last chance I’ll have to play a dedicated shutdown bar, which I’ve been playing since GW BWEs. RIP dom mesmers.

  2. The only computer game I can get myself to play these days is The Witcher 2, because that also lets you dodge in battle and I can almost imagine I’m playing a warrior in GW2 as I do. It is sad really (but also immensely encouraging in so far as how much I think I’ll like GW2 on that glorious day when it finally releases).

  3. I actually just downloaded Guild Wars again last night to see about getting some HoM points before GW2 arrives. I do have this feeling, however, that I won’t last long. Like you said, I’ve seen a glimpse of my future, and I don’t want to live in the past anymore.

  4. Burnout. Sad. Still, that’s to be expected at a far higher rate among those who came in the wake of the Hall of Monuments Calculator rather than those who came before with no goal other than to play and have fun…

  5. Clean the garage now! Diablo 3 is next week!

    Seriously, it’s good to step away and get your literal and figurative house in order. You can come back with a renewed enjoyment of the game(s).

  6. Ditto – can’t log onto GW1 right now after the BWE. As to cleaning out the garage, that’s extreme, probably won’t happen.

  7. Just wanted to say I’m totally with you. I logged on to GW1 during the anniversary weekend to get my free Hound of Balthazar, but I doubt he’ll ever leave the menagerie. Pet rangers are pretty weak in GW1 and, really, I can’t bring myself to play anymore. With GW2 just over the horizon, it’s hard to generate the drive to grind out some mind boggling amount of Kurz faction in order to earn 1/5 of 1 block, which itself is 1/5 of the next Hall title. Once you get past 30, there ain’t much left but pain.

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