11 thoughts on “Humble Indie Bundle V”

  1. Just got it. Bastion didn’t work when I downloaded it directly, but worked fine when I used the key to unlock it on Steam.

    You should pick it up just for the game you don’t have. After all, you can’t beat the price!

  2. Got ’em, of course, as I always do. Gods only know when I’ll have the time to play ’em, though – my schedule’s pretty filled with Fallout: New Vegas (which I picked up on Sunday) to be played ’til GW2 comes out. :P

    1. I nabbed it as well, they’re basically daring you not to get it at this point, even though I still haven’t finished Dragon Age, played about 2 hours of Fallout, never touched bioshock or assassins creed, and am working my way through Skyrim.

      MMOs are just too good.

      I can vouch for Bastion, the wasd diagonal walk is reliable although it is best with a controller.

  3. Heh, I already own them all, and I’m still staring at it wondering if I should get them for the soundtracks.

    1. The Bastion soundtrack has solidly been my getting on the tube soundtrack since about a month after the game came out. The Pantheon is an excellent track.

  4. Not the biggest fan of Bastion, so I didn’t get that, but I’m very pleased to get the rest. Possibly the best overall HIB yet. Now I just need to find time to play them before Guild Wars 2 releases :P

  5. Already have Bastion, but that was just an excuse to pay under the average :D. Just finished Limbo – fantastic, but it ends just when it seems to be hitting its stride. Excited for Psychonauts.

  6. The bundle is worth it for the soundtracks if you already have the games. I had Bastion and Psychonauts already, but still got the bundle.

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