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This is my first time touring around Las Vegas. The hotels are also casinos, malls, theaters, and/or theme parks. They have various themes and decorations. The casinos are the most consistent, both in prevalence and content. Underneath the decorations, the casinos that take up so much of the floorspace are nearly identical, down to having the exact same video poker and slot machines repeated by the dozen in each building. The settings vary widely, so this place is a Roman forum with high-end shopping establishments that don’t exist in most states, while the place across the street seems to have skipped having a theme at all, and its in-hotel mall is at the low end, complete with minimall food court and a half-dozen jewelry stores that all claim to be going out of business soon, everything must go, deep discounts!!! I am sure that the experienced gambler could spend hours pointing out ways that the table games differ or how one casino makes better use of its floor space in terms of flow dynamics, but the core content featured inside is the same everywhere I have looked.

: Zubon

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  1. And all the tables have a chance to drop the epic loot. Which you might be able to win if you have the best roll.

  2. I’ll bite – having been to Las Vegas all of once in my life, as a delayed 2000 New Year’s celebration (paid for with the money earned by NOT being able to celebrate that on the actual day – the Y2K bug was good to me :)

    Yes, the core content is the same wherever you go. It’s the setting, the presentation that varies. But that’s OK, because some people go for the ‘core content’ and couldn’t care less whether they play blackjack in a fake pyramid, a fake castle or a fake Parisian courtyard; while for others it’s all about the setting and the details of the games don’t matter. Las Vegas caters to both sorts, the only people who are going to be dissatisfied are those who want to do something other than play the usual games. Unfortunately for them, they’re too small a minority to be worth catering to, or Vegas would have added their games of choice to the repertoire. The guys who run the casinos aren’t stupid, nor are they averse to making some extra money if it’s worth the effort.

    That last applies to the folks who make MMOs as well – they’re smart, and they think about these games at least as much as we do. If every you wonder “why don’t they…” chances are they’ve already thought about it and there’s a good reason why not.

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