[Eve] The Adventures of Commander Nooblet

I have been busy playing Eve lately, which has severely limited my time to write about playing it.   I’ve started to pen a number of tales, only to have Mumble explode with a warning of imminent PvP, an operation forming up or most commonly, pilots needed for some crazy scheme hatched by our fearless leader usually involving an enemy wormhole several jumps away, and the wanton destruction of everything they hold dear.

My Adventures have been nothing short of epic, but I am still a Nooblet Eve pilot, just barely coming up on 5,000,000 skill points on my main account and living this unbelievable and crazy wormhole life, that is nothing short of the pinnacle of Eve action.   Moving into the C5 Class Wormhole, and joining the alliance Surely You’re Joking was the best move we could have made, and has revealed so many new layers of Eve to me.

I do a little of everything inside the C5.   Last night I was mining on my alt, and donating it to a friend of mine in another corp within the alliance who is working on building a Rorqual Capital Industrial Ship entirely with ore mined from inside our system.   We mine with scouts, so it is mostly an AFK activity and I was planning on continuing to mine on my alt while running Sleeper site Capital escalations inside the home on my main.

This was a good plan in theory until our leader, Pell Helix, decided to promote me to Fleet Commander for the operation after starting the first site.   Panicking, I warped my alt home, leaving my drones still floating with the asteroids, and started trying to figure out how not to whelp an entire Capital Fleet.

I have never FC’d anything before.   In the C3, I would occasionally organize forming a fleet, and sometimes I would even call destinations and call triggers as we worked through the sites, but I haven’t had to call Remote Shield Transfer targets, nor broadcast Tags for the fleet to kill the sleeper waves in the proper order…

Fortunately, Pell wasn’t interested in murdering a half-dozen of our Capital Ships last night, so he held my hand through the experience and coached me along as I figured out how to know who is being alpha’d for Rep calls, how to Tag, and how to figure out which ships Trigger the coming waves, and when to call for the next Capital Ship to further escalate the enemy site.   Despite my best efforts to wipe the fleet, we managed to survive, and I had another chance to prove yet again, that success in Eve is less a factor of your skill point total and more how you engage the universe and it’s inhabitants.

I am no longer just a noob Eve pilot…  It is Commander Nooblet to you now!

While on the subject of Eve Fleet Command…   does anyone at CCP think this is a good system for target broadcast?   The drop down menu’s for each target is really outdated and obnoxious.   I suggest something more akin to Ctr + Keypad numbers to assign targets.   This applies to both PvE and PvP Fleet Commanders and the large number of factors they must always be juggling, and then on top of it to have to navigate a multi-layer menu for each target…

~Commander Nooblet

12 thoughts on “[Eve] The Adventures of Commander Nooblet”

  1. That’s why a lot of FCs use either comms for target calling or ask another fleet member to do the tagging instead of him.
    But yes, it’s really scary for the first few times. Even if you were in successful fleets a hundred times already and know what and how you should do things. :-)

  2. We do use coms, but you can’t vocal call targets when all the Battleships are the exact same name…

  3. Yea that part of the UI is a pain, especially since you can’t assign a hotkey to do it (like you can for rep calls).

    Last night was interesting with all those dreads. Who would have imagined a fleet of Tengus would be ‘pointless’ for dps beyond the initial wave :)

    Glad the C5 is entertaining you guys, and that you along with a few others are keeping things rolling while I get my shit in order.

  4. Any alliance that allows a 5 million SP player to FC must be fail. Obviously…

  5. How much did our fearless leader pay you to write nice things about him? :-)

      1. Not my payouts! My reason for joining this alliance is no more! /wrists

  6. Obviously Cyndre followed Pell’s instructions and inserted that small knife into his head before composing this article…..honestly though you did a fine job and I never doubted for once that you wouldn’t.

    Note to CCP please make a way you can clear your fleet call for shield, armor etc……

    1. You can clear your fleet broadcast window, clearing the annoying little icon on the watchlist is another matter entirely.

        1. How often do we get:

          FC: “Shield rep xxxxx.”
          Fleet: “That’s from before.”
          All: *grumble* “UI.” *mutter*

          1. Usually that’s followed by.

            Other FCC’s: “you fucking noob you weren’t paying attention and lost track. Feet primary XXX’s ship he’s not paying attention.”

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