[GW2] Beta Weekend Event 3 Key Contest on Twitter

This is it. The last Guild Wars 2 beta key contest ever for Kill Ten Rats. Instead of getting nuked by ArenaNet’s laser of death and destruction (as gleeful as it makes Rubi), we will be hosting the giveaway via Twitter. Follow @KTR_Ravious and throughout the day today and tomorrow I will be asking various trivia questions related to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 lore, mechanics, and development. Some will be silly, some hard, and plenty will be answerable with little knowledge or research.

Lawler-stuff: This key is only good for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 3 (July 20-22), and not any stress tests, etc. Contestants must follow me so that I can DM the key. First correct answer to the question gets the key, and one key can be won per contestant.

Those who get a code can register here.  Once registered, you can download the client after logging into your account on this page.  For technical and account support, head over to this handy place.   For general questions, you can view the FAQ.


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