[GW2] Unicorn Costumes 2: Eye of the Horn

Since I have woefully wasted a ton of the Medals of Honor item in Guild Wars on the wrong weapons, I have been logging in dutifully each day to gather that one bounty quest that will get me back to buying the last two Oppressor weapons I need to hit 40 points in the Hall of Monuments. I can see small patterns of change in Guild Wars already beginning to form as the sequel launches in mere days. The market is fluctuating madly as people seem unsure how to price things anymore. How much would you sell your antique china for if a world-destroying asteroid is headed our way?

I had a costume run looking through all my character’s fashions the other day. I’ve only bought four of the costumes from the first Wintersday set and the first Halloween set. I love them, and I wish I had bought more. As I logged in to Lion’s Arch a female warrior was idling with the Agent of Balthazar helmet. My main character (a necromancer) has been wearing Demonic Horns for some time, and I thought it might be time for an upgrade. Yet, I held back because at this point in time I would rather use that money to buy some gems for Guild Wars 2. I wish I could have that costume helmet in Guild Wars 2.

One thing to be revealed in all the recent Guild Wars 2 stress tests have been threelegacyskins for armor that are sold in the gem store. They are recreations of the necromancer Profane Armor set, the ranger Krytan Armor set, and the warrior Primeval Armor set  of Guild Wars for art skins that can be applied to light, medium, and heavy armors, respectively in Guild Wars 2. They do look spiffy, but I think the Krtyan Armor skull is a tad… overbearing, and conversely I miss the ridiculously small helmet slit of the old Primeval Armor set. Still, I bet they are going to be hot items in the gem store around launch.

Having the legacy skins in Guild Wars 2 means that ArenaNet is considering updating old Guild Wars art to bring it across Zhaitan’s flood waters. I wish that costumes could be included. With costumes it’s a bit tougher. It takes artist time to take, for example, the Krytan Armor set of Guild Wars, update the skin, update the technology, rejigger it to four new races, and make it worthwhile. This time is costed out in gem price. Fair enough. Yet, with costumes, it’s a stickier choice for ArenaNet. Either they make players re-buy costumes that have already been bought (and not cheaply, I might add), or they suck up artist time to give it to costume purchasers for free. Perhaps a buck or two worth of gems might be a fair compromise.

I am going to miss my Raiment of the Lich the most. I am not sure if I would completely rebuy it, but I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to pay to have it “transferred” to Guild Wars 2. The gem store is going to launch with a few style options including glasses, hat, and outfits (i.e., costumes), most of which are town clothes, meaning they cannot be used in combat. None of them appear to be as otherworldly as many of the Guild Wars costumes, but with Halloween on the horizon, it might not be long. Be sure to pick up the Celebration Hat for free, which might only be available on or around launch day.

What legacy costumes do you want to see cross over, and what do you think a fair price would be? Which ones will you miss the most?




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  1. First of all, I’d want to have costume slots like Guild Wars and many other games have. I’d want to wear the stuff I bought for quite a chunk of money in actual battle, instead of only being able to carry it through town. Also, having to use transmutation to transfer bought(!) skins onto armor is just not cool.

    If these requirements were met, I’d like to have:
    – Dwayna’s Regalia
    – Raiment of the Lich
    – White Mantle Robe
    – Formal Attire (only the dress, screw smokings and the hat sucks bad)

    1. The Profane/Krytan/Primeval armor sets don’t require transmutation stones – they aren’t pieces of armor that you can wear or transmog, but are skins that you double click to apply to items you already have (as with HoM and Ancient Destroyer weapon skins).

      1. Yes, but that only get’s me to another point why I do not accept them as they are now – they are one-use-items. In GW, you’d trash your additional costumes (one of them could be kept in the slot not and just not be displayed) if you didn’t need it and had to use the inventory space. If you wanted to wear it again you’d just walk up to your NPC and get it again.

        In GW2, all the cash shop appearance items take up inventory space and if you trash them, you’d have to cash out again to have them back. Also, these armor skins always require an armor to apply it on, forcing you to have a load of armor sets in your inventory if you want to use the skins you bought.

        The system right now is a really bad idea, and as this is an obvious problem that was widely criticized on the forums, I’m positive that there will be changes.

  2. This isn’t really an answer to your questions, but as it has gotten closer to GW2 launch time all the doom and gloom regarding GW1 is kind of irking (sp?) me. I love GW1 and since I havent even finished a single campaign (220h played, yes im an altoholic with one of each profession) I will continue playing just like before. GW1 and 2 are pretty different as games so I don’t see a direct reason to abandon GW1. Sure the dev is the same but that’s about it. I hope there’s more like me out there.

    1. I am not doom and gloom, I hope I didn’t come across that way, but I do believe things will change. Yet, it’s been changing for awhile with lots of spikes of activity. The thing I am most interested in is seeing if there will still be spikes back to Guild Wars 1.

      1. ‘Doom and gloom’ was perhaps not the right phrase. But I just get the feeling of ‘let’s jump this sinking ship’ when reading and listening to GW1/GW2-related media. I just don’t really get why the launching of GW2 should be any different from any other big release regarding peoples enjoyment of GW1. I can see that there will be less content coming out to GW1 as a result of people leaving, but if ppl would stay maybe there will be more content (it’s kind of a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’).

    2. Several of my friends and I are watching gw2 with caution. We feel anet really rang the bell on gw1. It is a spectacular game and one on which we each spent thousands of hours. We’re not sure if anet can capture the magic a second time. We certainly hope so and are giving gw2 a fair shot first, but there is always a possibility that ppl will go back.

      If anet was really being smart, they’d give gw1 a graphics facelift a.d sell that for another ten or twenty bucks. I’d gladly pay for that.

  3. I’m not really a fan of those legacy armour sets. They all seem a little too over the top for my tastes. That’s ok though – as far as I’m concerned, three less things to tempt me in the gem store, hah.

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