Dear Bookah

Dear Bookah. I have lost track of how long I have been here, and how many visits I have made overall. Certainly, the labs are now so familiar to me that I have to remind myself to actually see some useful structure instead of a few slabs of rock housing a few more idiots. I could stumble in to these labs and easily fix their problems as if in hindsight. Perhaps time is nonlinear here repeating everso with problems that will never be solved. Besides, I have always considered that if one is to progress, it is critical to help those of lesser intelligence.

At night you can see the fireflies sometimes from the jungle canopy to the iridescent glow of a lab. From up close on examination they are mundane, but far away they coalesce into ambiguity. For instance, I cannot readily tell if they are insects or particles of an unknown origin. The distinction now seems mundane; why not everything and all at once! There’s nothing better to do here than indulge in contradictions, whilst waiting for the events to unravel.