Dear Bookah

The lake is clearly the focal point of this landscape; it almost appears so well placed as to be artificial. I find myself easily slipping into the delusional state of ascribing purpose, deliberate motive to everything here. Was this Province formed during the moment of resurgence; when we erupted from the depths of Tyria and the chaotic energy broke through the air like a sol-plasma blade, did it first break surface then? A wonderful sight. The laboratory maintaining the distinction between the lake and the jungle. It casts a reflection across the water as if you had trampled through the order in untidy handwriting.

When a hylek had died or was dying or was so ill they gave up what little hope they could sacrifice, they poisoned part of the swamp, infuriating the denizens beneath. With the right light-bending calculations you could see the skale frenzy from the hills or labs and know to send aid or impose a cordon of protection, and wait until the swamp cleansed its own until whatever pestilence plagued the marsh died along with its hosts. My allusions are just for this: to keep any would-be rescuers at bay. The poison is not simply a molecular structure.