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This is not unfair. We tried to put a guild WvW group together last night, but after an hour or two, only two of us had made it into Eternal Battlegrounds. Hey, weekend prime time, right? There is a problem when the game becomes unplayable only when people want to play it.

The PvE was still working just fine, though. Guilds war, just not with each other.

: Zubon

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  1. Looked like a bunch of hyperbole and whining to me. Clearly some people want to do dungeons considering all the complete sets I’ve been seeing. As for WvW, I’m not really sure what could have been done differently. In any case, sounds like GW2 wasn’t the right game for them in the first place the way they carry on about things like end game. I’m really beginning to hate that phrase. A game is a game.

    “There is a problem when the game becomes unplayable only when people want to play it.”


    If a game is unplayable when nobody wants to play, do bloggers still make a sound?

  2. That recent PR release and SynCaine’s commentary on it remind me of many mainstream social and political discussion. They used to call it ‘spin’.

    I would suggest that a plainer, unspun reading of those metrics would give a different narrative: during the period measured well over two-thirds of all current GW2 players showed no interest in WvW whatsoever. WvW therefore remains a minority interest (albeit a substantial minority) in this PvE-oriented MMO.

    1. Grrr! That’ll teach me to edit on the fly. You can replace “many” with “much ” in that first sentence or add an ‘s’ to “discussion” as you prefer :P

    2. FWIW I’ve been asking my brother each evening ‘how’re the queues for WvW today?’ and then deciding, on hearing his answer, that maybe I’ll just wait until it’s fixed.

      Low interest, maybe, and short play sessions, but not ‘no interest whatsoever’.

  3. Had a WvW event with my guild last night, somehow ended up on the wrong borderlands so I went back to HotM re-queued and 10 minutes was back in. All the while my guild mates a couple of whom had been queued over two hours, sat and waited. Of course that didn’t help me when I dc’d during the event and queued but, couldn’t get in so I went to sleep.

  4. I’m actually not sure what your first sentence means. “This is not unfair” can be read as:

    – The criticism in the linked post is accurate
    – ArenaNet’s focus on aspects of play aside from WvW and the resulting queues is a reasonable choice.

  5. Same occurred with my guild. I don’t think the fixes installed by anet did much to help.

  6. Fort Aspenwood server….queues have been very long…up to 4 hours.

    However, this weekend we managed to get 7 groups in rapidly, where rapidly is defined as under 15 minutes at 8:30pm EST Later arrivals all got into the zone in under 45 minutes.

  7. Has A.Net ever given hard numbers for players-per-server and players-per-WvW map? I’ve always been struck by my own back-of-napkin calculations. 2-million-plus players over 21 servers, and an estimated One Hundred players per WvW map? Yikes.

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