Quote of the Day

She said it was Skyrim or her.
— recently single friend

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Better to live with someone who embraces your hobbies than someone who continually wants to change you.

      1. No, if her character was crappy and/or incompatible with mine, I wouldn’t want her as my gf, even if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. But of course you and everybody else is free to be as superficial as you like. Everybody’s got their own priorities.

        1. I’m just aware of my basic animal limitations. I know that if I were still unmarried and a really hot dude expressed interest in me, no matter what basic obvious incompatibilities we had I’d still be sorely tempted to *try* and make it work.

          And probably end up breaking up over gaming a couple weeks later.

  2. Lol. We don’t know a thing about the friend and his game. How often he played, when he played, what he wasn’t doing because he was playing, nothing, nada. I am inclined to think the guy was disfunctional becasue of his game playing, not that the girlfriend was not understanding.

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