Loving Skyrim

Another great night in Skyrim confirms my original opinion, that this is the best game I’ve ever played.

Here is just one highlight:

I was out exploring with my constant companion Lydia by my side when we came upon a horse standing there, saddle and everything. I started thinking to myself, free horse. I approached with caution when I heard the screech and roar from above, a dragon! It looks like the dragon wanted the horse more than I did and it proceeded to attack the horse. The owner of the horse, a hunter, came out of the woods to try to defend. We joined in the fight.

Over the next 20 minutes we fought all over the side of the large hill covered in ruins as well as in the forest. It was as close to an epic battle as I have had in a game. I was close to death several times and I lost track of Lydia at some point. I burned through all my arrows and had to find little hiding spots to heal up.

The end result: dead dragon, dead hunter, dead horse. Lydia survived.

That was amazing fun.

P.S. Mammoths are killers.

– Ethic