[TSW] Stunned Soliloquies

It doesn’t take long to realize that virtually all missions in The Secret World begin with the NPC mission giver talking to… someone. These are not dialogues where the character is involved. My character, still a noob to this shadow world, just watches in stunned silence. I like the “art” of these NPC soliloquies brushing the canvas of the mission to come. It is the poetry of horror. I like it better that my character (somewhat looking like me, much to my daughters’ delight) seems to have the mixed emotion of “what the flock?” and “tell me more!”


Keep it coming, Funcom.


6 thoughts on “[TSW] Stunned Soliloquies”

  1. Though some people have an issue with it, I love it. Don’t make my character say a freaking word during these brilliant monologues, I don’t want him to utter a syllable. Have you gotten to the inimitable Jeffrey Combs yet? Fantastic. I can listen to that guy talk all day.

      1. Yup. He plays Hayden Montag, the headmaster of the Innsmouth Academy in the Savage Coast.

        Also… if you’re into Star Trek, Tim Russ also does some voiceover work as well…

  2. Your character doesn’t completely stay this stoic. I’ve seen mine already smile, smirk, frown and display a threatening pose in dialogue sequences. According to my personal interpretation, my character by now has some attitude and displays some arrogance, but that’s solely my interpretation. I wouldn’t be surprised if other players would interpret the same subtle emotions very differently. So another advantage for this silent protagonist, the imagination of the player allows him to be way more than what he could be with pre-scripted dialogues. :)

  3. I don’t encounter the quality I see in TSW too often, playing MMOs. I found myself riveted this morning by a NPC giving me what would ordinarily be a stock fedex quest. I renewed my membership today.

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