[GW2] Guild Recruitment

In case you are not taking advantage of the “guild” part of Guild Wars 2, my guild is recruiting. We could use some new blood to rejuvenate the nightly events and fill out the guild missions on the weekends. Events are scheduled, so if you are just interested in guesting for them, that works.

The guild is Assured Mutual Destruction [ICBM] of Isle of Janthir. Rather than repeat the link, you can see our advertising copy there. You can apply online or in-game with a message to Leohan.

If you are not participating in a guild, you are missing pieces of the game. Some content is exclusive to guild missions, and I recommend guild commendations for acquiring ascended accessories. And let me level with you: with two more people consistently attending, we can start completing Guild Challenges, and with a dozen more even the hardest guild missions would become manageable.

: Zubon

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    1. I am a member but not a founder of both Kill Ten Rats and ICBM. The ICBM guild is six years old and pre-dates my time in either Guild Wars.

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