Blogroll of the Fallen

I haven’t inventoried the KTR blogroll in a while to check for defunct/moved blogs. I know many are in a tentative, “I don’t really have much to talk about” state, but many of us have been hovering in that state in a weak year for MMOs (advantage: group blog). If you know any to be dead/moved, please mention in the comments.

My personal RSS is a mix of highly active and completely dead blogs. There are a couple of literal deaths on that list, but I have not had the heart to remove them while the blogs are still online.

Jeff Freeman’s old blog is still available via the Internet Archive.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Blogroll of the Fallen”

  1. Heh! I have so much to talk about and so much to play when it comes to MMOs that I’m beginning to have fantasies about taking early retirement so I could devote the time and energy to both that would go somewhere towards doing justice to the deep, rich texture of this wonderful hobby. I’d love to post every day but what with having to work if I did I’d never get to play.

    Six months ago, though, I’d have tended to agree that this looked like a slow year. How things change. Started weak, ended strong.

    The issue of blogroll culling is a difficult one. If I cut any I put them in my Feedly feed so I’ll know if they come back to life. In the end though, there are still a few I leave up even though they’re inactive. I have Potshot on mine still, for example, even though he hasn’t posted in over a year. Spinks didn’t post for almost as long and then suddenly she was back and active as though she’d never been away,

  2. Some of the blogs I read have a blogroll that orders blogs by when they last posted, so you never have to remove any :P

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