It Came from Steam Reviews

Talisman: Prologue is in the current Humble Card Game Bundle. A friend was enthusiastic about “single player Talisman.” This review stood out:
Recommended: Talisman: Prologue is one of the adaptation of the classic fantasy board game. Talisman, if you don't know is like Game of Life, only you kill ogres and get cast spells instead of knocking up your crazy girlfriend from college and have a loveless marriage.
But I think this one makes the better case:
Not Recommended: Everyone else is right, you mostly just roll the die and see what happens. Not much more exciting than a video slot matching game in that respect. There is no AI, you are literally moving around a board by your self. You even draw "lose a turn" cards - with no one to lose a turn to, and keep going.
So you’re just playing Talisman alone? Talisman is already a game with too much RNG; now it’s just you and the RNG until your inevitable victory over no one?

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “It Came from Steam Reviews”

  1. Talisman Prologue was more of a proof of concept than a real game. The Talisman Digital Edition is the one you really want. However as much as I loved Talisman back in the day, it’s not really that great of a game, even with AI opponents included.

    1. It’s really not.

      Talisman: Digital Edition also comes with that Humble Bundle. Rejoice, to the extent that is a good thing!

  2. Yea Prologue was basically a demo prior to the full game release.

    Also even though you get the full game in the bundle, be aware that all of the DLC isn’t included, which last I looked costs over $50 on Steam.

    Still a decent way to toss (virtual) dice with someone IMO.

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