Heroes of the Storm: Gazlowe

Ravious mentions playing HotS as an assassin. My experience has been completely different because I have mostly been playing Gazlowe, an anti-NPC specialist. This isn’t LoL, it does not play like LoL, and if I am going with it I am going with it.

I picked up Gazlowe because I got a daily quest to play three games as a specialist, with no specialists available in the free rotation unless I gained a bunch of levels (poor design). Gazlowe was the cheapest, and he sounded interesting. Melee is not my strength, but he is a melee with Heimerdinger’s skills and anti-structure talents. I’m in.

I get that some people manage to be bad at Heroes of the Storm, but either Gazlowe is top tier or I’m just rather good with him. I do 30-40% of our team’s siege damage, sometimes more. There are games where I have top score for siege and hero damage and xp contribution. In a MOBA that focuses more on NPCs than killing other players, Gazlowe focuses on NPCs. You could build him another way, but why?

I take the passive for Gazlowe’s R: +150% damage against minions, mercenaries, and structures. Turrets do a bit of tanking, and Gazlowe chops down the towers. You can even upgrade him to melee the ammo out of towers, although I prefer more mana for more turrets. Against minions, he starts with two AE attacks, and you can upgrade his turrets and basic attack to hit multiple targets and then add a damage aura. Late game, it takes me longer to get back on my horse than to clear a wave of minions.

It is making the game pall for me the way that cultural victories did in Civ V. Players are what provide the variety in MOBAs, and Heroes of the Storm makes the other players less important. Gazlowe can make them irrelevant. And he wins.

: Zubon

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  1. Gazlowe, like Sylvanas and Azmodan (the other siege specialists) only make other players irrelevant if they are left alone. They are quite squishy in comparison to other heroes, especially early game, so I think that there is much potential for “man-marking” (to use a soccer term) rather than zone control.

    In other words, keep the pressure on Gazlowe with an assassin or warrior, keep him away from the front lines as much as possible, and you deny him his strength. I think that is a good design direction, and I hope to see more heroes in the future that are designed to be anti-siege specialists, repairing and reinforcing NPCs and structures. It is, in my mind, the main opportunity HotS has to differentiate itself in the MOBA scene.

    1. A good assassin should counter, although he can still clear the minion waves while playing safe. Looking around, I see commentary that Gazlowe is a great pubstomp or vs AI character who is weaker against competent humans. I don’t know how many competent humans pick HotS over LoL.

      Not sure about the other specialists, but Gazlowe’s bonuses also apply against mercenaries. If he cannot reach the front lines, he can bring friends to help him.

  2. Whereas I’ve been finding I lose matches where teammates are too caught up in the PvE side. When I can get a kill streak going, the power plays make everything else incidental.

  3. Minor side note since you mentioned it: I found the ‘mount up’ mechanic incredibly annoying/lame. Just something about not moving for x amount of time to move faster later wasn’t fun at all, and every time a situation called for mounting up, I felt like I was hitting pause on the game.

  4. Try out going with increased dam on bombs per target hit, and focus on scrap for mana (lvl 4 talent to make minions drop scrap as well)… I also always spec for 2 bomb charges as you can practically clear bruisers in 10 secs like that, and if you get to do some teamfighting on top of enemy minions, the bombs can be hard to see, and with early talent easily reaches double dam. Wont work at higher ranks,s but really effective in quickmatches :-)

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