Guild Wars

[Guild Wars] Since I preordered Guild Wars, I was able to play for free the past two days and I must say it has been fun. I will certainly get this game. For the cost, it is worth buying. With no monthly fee, I can play whenever I want.

I also like the option to create a PvP-only character that starts at level 20. Makes it easier to play with some hardcore friends. All the classes seem fun, so I’m not sure what I would choose yet.

Now the question is, will Best Buy honor my preorder since I lost (idiot) the receipt? I have the box and it says Best Buy right on it. I figure I’ll take it in and tell them they can either get $40 from me right now (and make a happy customer) or I’ll just pay $50 online from Guild Wars for the key and Best Buy will get $0. I’ll let them decide.

UPDATE: I called Best Buy and they told me that since I purchased with a credit card they will be able to pull up my order and credit me for the preorder. Possible good news there…

UPDATE to the previous UPDATE: Best Buy comes through. They pulled up my account and found the $10 preorder so I bought the collector’s edition (I’m a sucker for CE’s). The CE comes with some stuff I don’t care about, but the hard cover art book (while a bit small) is very nice and worth the extra cost. Any game that comes with an art book is almost a guaranteed buy for me.

Up Next: Guild Wars

[Guild Wars] I hesitate to call Guild Wars an MMORPG but I guess it technically is. I don’t know it’s kind of weird.

I preordered it so I have been able to play in the beta weekends. I have fun, it looks great, but it still does not feel like an MMOG to me. Anyway, since I preordered I figured I’ll have to pick it up next week. No monthly fee is one of the bonuses. You don’t feel like you have to play, since you are paying a monthly fee, know what I mean?

Honestly, I have not played any PvP in the game, so it’s probably stupid for me to buy it but what the heck. I enjoyed the limited amount of PvE I have played and having NPCs that can join your party is cool. They are even pretty good at helping fight.

So starting in the next week or two, I’ll be talking about Guild Wars. If there is anyone out there that wants to help me get started in game (tips, training, etc) let me know.