I Can Login To “Meh” But Should I?

This goes out to my good friend Inhibit who would rather play Meh because “he can login” than play WoW because … well I guess because it might have some launch issues or something, who really knows. Well, bud, if you really are enjoying that game I guess you can keep savoring it’s bland, tasteless, ordinary dullsville. But really, there are no good reasons not to partake in the amazing bounty that is World of Warcraft. It’s done, it’s polished, it was made with love, it has a great sense of humor, it works, it’s all about questing. It’s made to solo (any class) but you can and will group on occasion because it is fun and easy to do. It looks great, it’s full of lore, it has like 2,550 quests. Seriously. You don’t do any of them twice either.

Yeah sure, it has a few teething problems. What game wouldn’t if 100,000 people all wanted to play it at the exact same time? Fact is, I do not recall a better launch success of any MMOG short of CoH (which did many things right but gameplay was not one of them). And your precious game had one of the worst launches ever, if not #1. One of the many reasons I left that game was because I had problems logging into the game when I wanted to play well over a year after the launch. That and the bugs and shitty CS.

Truth of the matter is, I have been able to play WoW 98% of the time I wanted to. Only once did I have the situation like last night and I fully expect it to be the last time. After all, the game has been live all of 4 days or so.

So anyway, I’m having steak and lobster over here boy. How’s that cheese sandwich?

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