One More For Inhibit Regarding WoW

1) A death process similar to the one UO had (i.e. becoming a ghost), only… Weaker

I don’t know what UO had, but death in WoW means nothing. It’s harmless. In fact, I used the ghost form to travel through a dangerous area tonight.

2) A death penalty that allows –negative– XP….

Hmm. There is no XP penalty for dying in WoW so I’m not sure what you mean here.

3) Having to go find your corpse…

Yeah, you are a ghost that runs really fast, your corpse is on the map and you only need to get close to it to resurrect. Hell, you can run over water even. When you appear as a ghost, you are at the nearest cemetary as well. Hardly a pain.

4) Item decay

No affect on anything other than a little money drain now and then. I click one extra button when I sell stuff to a merchant once every so often. Big deal. Your items are always repairable, they do not ever disappear.

5) Level-based game (any game that is not skill-based is inferior IMHO)

Yeah, it is sort of a combo. As you use skills, they go up as well.

6) Patch Method. Peer-to-Peer for patching. Stupid. Blindingly stupid.

Not so sure this is the case now that we are in retail, but I’ll wait to see. During beta is was no big deal to me.

7) Segregated game play. Race/Faction… Something that I dislike in AO even.

Well yes, the Horde and the Alliance cannot play together, but I have yet to find this an issue. You can still go to all their areas and hunt all of their mobs. It is World of WARcraft after all. The whole point of the game is to fight the bad guys eventually. Even on PvE servers you will have the option, and it is quite elegant how they handle it.

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