Super Day 4

[City of Heroes] Four days in a row. I didn’t have a good feeling when I logged in last night but I saw my brother was on and in a mission – solo. I asked him if he had seen Inhibit and he said that he was on earlier. So I kind of hung around for a while, not doing too much.

My brother remembered that Inhibit was online but with a new character. He had to try to remember the name. Finally he did and I sent Inhibit a “heya”. “HEYA” comes back and then silence. I add his new character to my friends list and see he is in a mission too. Waited a little while and was starting to think about calling it a night.

My brother says that he is going to log for a while, at the same time Inhibit asks if we are going to group up tonight. My brother decides to stay for a mission or two but he wants to go to bed soon and I felt about the same.

We did four missions in like 45 minutes and then my brother had to logout. Since my brother was a level up on us, Inhibit and I decided to do another mission or two. By the end of that we had all hit level 6.

Things of note:

1. Some guy ran up to me and opened a trade window. 10,000 influence. I said thanks and he said he likes to help “noobs” out. I took note of him being level 11. I assume he has a higher level character somewhere, but what is there to say I didn’t too? Oh well, free influence is free influence.

2. DarkNinja186 came up to me and made a joke about my name (which is actually very much a proper super hero name unlike this guy). He comes back and makes the same joke later. I certainly hope that the other 185 DarkNinjas are funnier than you buddy. But seriously, can’t people put a tiny bit of effort into their character names? And run it through a spell checker next time while you are at it, EvelDistroiyr77.

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