Super Day 5

[City of Heroes] Five days in a row, something I’ve never done before. I wonder if my family still loves me.

Anyway, I logged in to find my brother and Inhibit ready to go. We hit the streets and talked to our contacts. My contact sent me from Atlas Park out to King’s Row to see another contact. That contact told me to talk to ANOTHER guy in The Hollows. To get there, we had to go back to Atlas Park and then The Hollows. Really, is it necessary to send us to talk to a guy only to have him send us back? Just tell us to go to The Hollows and be done with it.

The Hollows: what can I say about that zone other than it is a total mess. There is probably some backstory to what happened, but basically it appears the the entire middle of the zone collapsed into a giant sinkhole. Our contact in The Hollows sent us to a building on the ENTIRE OPPOSITE SIDE of the zone. Running there was an experience. We decided to split up. I ran around the sinkhole (which was not easy). I managed to avoid drawing aggro from any of the bad guys (twice my level so I would have no chance) and arrived at the door to our mission. My brother was already there and mentioned he was going to go afk for a smoke.

Inhibit somehow got stuck on a ridge and could not move. He filed a petition. My brother came back and I decided to jump up on a window to insure some safety. My brother saw me do that and joined me on the side of the building. But then he got the bright idea to jump to the next window and then the next. I told him to stay off the roof as there may be bad guys. Too late.

Down he comes from the roof followed by six level 14 guys. The run was on. We both managed to escape and I found a safe spot on the top of a garage to wait for Inhibit to get unstuck. Inhibit tells us that the petition is of no use (not sure if he was answered or if he gave up waiting) but he decided to get a bad guy to aggro and kill him. That worked and eventually he joined us back at the door.

The mission went well, other than my brother pulling a large group on us while Inhibit and I were resting. He is too gung-ho sometimes, hehe.

After that mission we had to go to another door, back on the ENTIRE OPPOSITE SIDE of the zone. We split up again, me taking the chicken way around the hole. Somewhere in the middle of the hole my brother said “holy *#$@” (the game cleans up language for us, how nice of them). He said that if we see an all white body to stay away. It killed him in one shot.

We finished up that mission and then I called it a night. I was tired.

At the end of the night, we were all level 7, or very close to it.

Things of note:

1. Being a fire/fire tank has a few drawbacks. One is that I don’t feel like a tank much yet. I’m still pretty squishy, but it is a lot of fun standing in the middle of a group of bad guys doing damage to them all. The other thing is that the flame visuals are getting on my nerves. A few times during the mission I was too close to a wall and the camera got pushed into my flames so I couldn’t see a thing.

2. To get to King’s Row, we took an elevated train. I mean really, superheroes taking a train?

3. Inhibit says the CoH’s customer service makes WoW’s CS team look good.

4. Either there are a lot less people playing than when the game came out or they changed how they instance zones. I used to have to choose from multiple copies of King’s Row, like King’s Row 1, King’s Row 2, etc. Since I have been playing this time I don’t recall ever having to choose like that which is nice because I don’t know how a team would coordinate that. Perhaps it automatically chooses the instance for a team based on the first person to zone. I don’t know.

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4 thoughts on “Super Day 5”

  1. 1. Nobody really feels like a tank until you get around level 8 or higher, at the earliest. Differences between archetypes become much more dramatic as levels go up.

    3. I don’t know the specifics of Inhibit’s situation, but I’ve needed support a few times, and haven’t had any problems. (Did he try /stuck?)

    4. There are a lot fewer people playing than when the game came out. I’ve only seen instanced Atlas Parks, and I haven’t seen more than two of those at the same time in ages.

  2. Part of why I chose to be a tank with this group was that I had heard the beginnings of a tank’s life is a little rough. A group will help me through the weaker stages I hope.

    I don’t think Inhibit tried /stuck. I’m not sure any of us even thought of it. Personally, I don’t think CoH has bad CS.

  3. A few things…

    1) I didn’t get off the ledge by drawing aggro. I used my heal Absorb Pain repeatedly on your brother.

    2) The GM that responded basicly asked the same question (about using /stuck). I told them I had, and it was even the notes of my petition. I asked since I had to die b/c of their bug, and their ingame tool was not working, could I get my debt wiped please. It was only like 75 debt, and I didn’t really care much, but I wanted to check how the GM handled it. I get the canned “I can not help you with that issue” and was bid a god evening.

    3) That warning about the white coprses was me. It was a sneaky thing, a group of about 10 all just laying there. Before my survival instinct screamed “TRAP!”, they has all stood up and nailed me for some serious friggen dmg. They were some kind of elemental.

    4) The reason the Hollows looks like that, is b/c the Trolls pulled a boner. They wanted to expand their turf, so they planted explosives in some caves they had dug. What they did not know was that there was already an extensive cave network under their caves, built by the Circle of Thorns years ago. Trolls make boom, and the whole thing colapsed. That’s why there are some cave entrances, and various creatures in the area. The zone has pockets of serious content in addition to the low-mid lvl stuff we’ve seen.

  4. Heh, see the confusion that is caused by me running for my life? I can’t get anything straight. Thanks for the insight Inhibit!

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