[World of Warcraft] Had a pretty productive night. My Shaman made level 28 via some easy grinding (didn’t feel like questing) and I was amazed at how many new skills I got. Crazy. I also did quite a bit of herb gathering as they seemed to be growing all over near Durnholde.

Fighting spiders is kind of fun when you have an anti-venom spell. One click and no poison. Ha! Not a bad night at all.

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2 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. I just got to 26 and got Far Sight. Looking at Cesspit, there’s some rez exploit you can use with Far Sight. I’m gonna go try it out today. It might actually make the ability useful. XD

    BTW, what build are you going for? I screwed mine up (i.e. putting points in improved stoneskin totem) and want to respec. I want Nature’s Swiftness for PvP but I heard the restoration build isn’t usually speced until later in the game. I might just stick with the straightforward Enhancement/Elemental build. Beyond Natures Switfness, Shamans don’t seem to get that great of activated talent abilities. Oh well, what can I really complain about? I’m a Shaman.

    I’m also leveling a mage alt…I’m hating it thus far, but I’m only level 9. I can’t solo worth crap and battles are exactly the same over and over (stand as far away as I can, use the ice spell so that they run slow, then just pelt them with fire and kill or almost kill them before they even get to you, then use my crappy melee damage to finish them off). I’m just glad I get a conjure water spell because damn mage would be hard to solo with without it. I’m just looking forwards to Poly so I can get bad aggro and get out alive.

  2. I confess to being nervous about using my talent points. I just don’t know what to do with them so in general they have not been spent. Yeah, call me stupid. I’m trying to figure out what skills I like before I start to enhance them. I don’t much care for min/max stuff, I just want to make the character fun for me.

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