My Alt Has An Alt

Foton over at AFK Gamer recently posted about people with Alt Addiction. And I quote:

Some players are freaking addicted to alts. They never max-level anything, just screw around with one of their 8 or 10 characters until even they, themselves, realize they’re an embarassment to the guild. I’m guessing they just never find their niche or a class they enjoy and can’t complete the deed. Given a long enough timeline, they’d be max level in every class. Which will be good for someday.

I am one of those people. I’m not proud, nor am I ashamed. However, I am tired of it. So much so that recently I have been pondering doing something radical. Well, it would be radical for me.

I have a full character selection screen in WoW. From a level 28 down to a level 6.

I’m thinking about deleting each and every single character except one. OK, maybe two since I need one for storage and auctioning stuff. I have one character I hate so that would be an obvious choice for the “mule”.

Can I do it? Should I do it? Hmm…

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8 thoughts on “My Alt Has An Alt”

  1. I have this problem as well. I started with a Paladin, got it to Level 42, then got ridiculously bored of clicking on a mob and then watching until it died. The Paladin is really boring to play in that way.

    Then I started a priest and played that for a few levels, then a rogue. Now my rogue is level 38, and by far the most fun to play for me. The priest is level 23. I also have a level 18 warrior. And a level 10 mage. And a level 6 warlock and orc warrior. And a level 8 hunter. Everything below the level 18 warrior isn’t serious though. Usually just something I would start and level to that point in an afternoon to break the monotony of other classes. My plan is to level the rogue to 60 first though. Even they they aren’t that useful in the instances, they are the most fun to play for me, so who cares if everyone else has one. They are fun, and that’s why I play the game.

  2. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Have fun and enjoy yourselves, no matter what it takes.
    My main char is a lvl 37 dwarf hunter. 3 lvl’s from a mount, and I am suddenly toast. Burned out. In Stranglethorn Vale there are a few string quests of “kill xx beasts”. After 3 strings of 12 tigers each, and 2 of 12 raptors each, I do not want to look at another raptor or bengal-like tiger again.
    So I hopped on over to my lvl 15 Tauren Druid for a change of pace. I, as well, enjoy the RAOK spells, and I really like the casting abilitiies as a change of pace. I don’t know how you paladins and warriors go through the game hacking away at everything for such long periods of time. Click and watch. Not for me. My only gripe with the Tauren is because of it’s size, it “appears” to be running in slow mo. Even in bear form it is like slo mo. I feel like it takes me forever to get anywhere. Thankfully my hunter has Aspect of the Cheetah which gives a 30% increase in running speed.

    Nice blog, and nice job on it. Thanks for making it interesting.

  3. I’m with you Haakon. So far I’m leaning towards keeping my characters. I’m in no rush and I often find I need the change of pace associated with mulitple characters. Might as well embrace it. Glad you enjoy the site.

  4. Yeah I got burned out in STV with my paladin too. Not only the repetitive quests, but all the running around. Especially without a mount it’s torture to get a quest in Booty Bay then have to run all the way north just to work on that quest.

  5. Ohhh yes, the long run from BB to even halfway up STV is too long. Even my pet gets bored and tired. I honestly think she requires more food to stay happy now since we arrived in STV :)
    You know, interestingly, it really is not any farther distance-wise between quest areas and town, than most other areas. I think the problem is that STV is narrow and dense and has one path going north to south. You can’t see more than 40 yards off the path. Almost all other areas have paths crossing here and there, and have open views to gaze at. Travel time might be the same, but the travel boredom factor is not.
    I see no reason why they can’t put a few more flight paths out there, and at least one merchant at the halfway mark in STV.
    Besides the tauren and dwarf, I had also created a troll and orc and gnome. But I am going to delete them. None of those three are above lvl6.

  6. Hehe, noobs. (I mean that in a very jovial, friendly manner)

    For the Horde, there is a flight path from Booty Bay to Grom’gol. There is a griffin in Booty Bay for Alliance and, I assume, a griffin master in that little rebel camp just north of Stranglethorn.

    There are some vendors in the middle of Stranglethorn, but they are hidden away back in a canyon. They sell engineering supplies and a have a few schematics that you will always see in the auction house.

    As for the kill a million mobs quests from Nesingwary, I would have to agree that they do get repetitive. That’s why there is more than one zone for each level range. If you tire of Stranglethorn, look in your quest log for some of the other quests that will take you to other places. I believe Desolace quests are the same level as STV and lower your chance to get ganked significantly if you play on a PvP server.

    I never noticed that it looks like I move in slow motion (57 Tauren Hunter) but it’s probably because I play in first person view. Now that you mention it, I do occasionally look at other Tauren and think they look like they are walking on the moon. (Not moonwalking, though, like those damn Night Elves, heh!)

  7. There is no gryphon in the rebel camp in the north. Only in Booty Bay. the next closest one is Darkshire. So either why you have a ridiculously long run ahead of you.

  8. I have a 58 Night Elf Hunter. My goal is to hit 60 and then level up an alt. I got a Human Rogue and a Human Paladin I am looking at. The Sorceror and Mage look good too though.

    On the Horde side I think I would go for a shaman. Not sure what races can be Shaman but I may give it a try. The idea is to use the 60 to get loot for the alts.

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