[Guild Wars] I’ll give you another screenshot from GW. This time it’s my elementalist.

gw e1

Oh, interestingly enough, if you join a guild – all your characters join the guild. I did not know that. I had made a guild with one of my characters just to see how it works and next thing you know all my characters were in it. Since I am in a real guild now (with capes and a hall!) I had to log in all my characters to see if they had the cape too. They did.

The nice thing is, in the guild list it shows your current character name as well as connecting it to the name of the character you original joined the guild under so it’s easy to see who you really are.

Tonight, my Necromancer got to fire a couple of trebuchets at the enemy. That is my favorite word right there, trebuchet. Trebuchet. Sweet.

The mission involved driving back the Charr forces. As I got closer to the wall I needed to push them behind, I noticed a guy standing by a broken trebuchet (there’s that word again!). He told me to find three parts he needed and we could use the trebuchet to detroy the large groups near the wall.

I located piles of rubble around some other broken trebuchets and eventually found the parts he needed. After giving them to him, he showed me how to use the trebuchet. It was fun to see all the Charr forces falling beneath my bombardments. As I got closer to the wall I found another trebuchet I could fire and of course I did. Nice sound and visual effects.

– Ethic

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  1. what?!?!?! No screen grabs of crazy Trebuchet action? That’s what i like about playing the tabletop game Warhammer Fantasy. I play as empire and use Trebuchets MWAHAHAHAHHA

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